New Release: " Apex Predator.mp3 " 

You got twenty Gladiators coming to your town. Looking at the red lights, listen to that sound. Light goes out, right foot goes down. Everybody's cheering for that tenth you found. Feign left, fade right, brake a little late. Keep the pedal down you can get him in the straight. Don't look back son, who's coming round? You got an Apex Predator hunting you down! ........


Apex Predator.mp3

For Sale.mp3

Really Big Mistake.mp3

Ride on the Gypsy Wind.mp3

The Sun.mp3

Bad Reaction.mp3

Rescue Her.mp3

On My Way To Mexico.mp3

The Lobster Queen.mp3

The Service Man.mp3


All Good.mp3

Burlington Diner.mp3




The Dylan Harris Network Players

Rob Sproul: Longtime member of “The Network”, percussionist Rob Sproul always provides the groove, the sound, the subtleties and the “feel” if you will of the DHN sound. Superb timing and control skills for all of our many styles!

Blake Turan: Another long term member, Blake’s unique style of guitar work is a staple in the sound of the band. Note selection, timing, tone selection and the ability to transform from lamb to lion in a heartbeat when the arrangement requires it. Listen carefully to his brilliant work on “The Sun” and “The Messenger” as case in point. Simply put; one of the best guitarists Canada has ever produced! 

Doug Broadfoot: A long time former CBC’er and working musician with a variety of tribute bands, Doug graces us with his multiple talents for both guitar and keyboards of all types. His magnificent haunting piano and soaring lead guitar on “All Good” and "Rescue Her" make for instant classics and then you contrast that with his raucous stylings of piano and guitar on “Burlington Diner”, piano on “The Serviceman” as well the brassy horn sounds in “On My Way to Mexico” and B3 Organ in “Black Horizon” His musicianship is King!

John Restas: Working singer/songwriter musician Johnny epitomizes the touring artist. Johnny is as adept at bass as he is guitar both acoustic and electric. He drives the band with a steady rhythm and drives us crazy with his ultra-attention to detail in the studio! Always makes the song and our performances shine!

Perry Lewis: Drummer on 5 songs, great timing and power, Perry gave the drive to the major 5! The Lobster Queen, Four Young Sons, Burlington Diner, Black Horizon and All Good.

Frank Lucas: A charter member of the band, Frank dazzles with his keyboard work in “The Messenger” and his unique take on African drum beats in “The Rainy Season” are simply mind-blowing!

Barry Westin: Fabulous talent for bass. Note selection and articulation are second to none! Hard driving rock or soft ballad, Barry gets to the “bottom” of it!

Bryan Nordoff: Bryan played the drums on “Really Big Mistake” like a champion with big thunderous kick, solid beat and steady groove. Bryan makes this song Rock!

Ritch Thoman: Ritch played Sax on "Hammertown" & "The Serviceman". Gentle haunting fills & wailing solos are a treat to the ears on "Hammertown". Ritch recaptures the Rockin' sounds of 50's Rock 'n' Roll on "The Serviceman".

Lynsie Joseph: Sang on "All Good", "Hammertown" & "For Sale". Brilliant range & tonal quality. Her harmonies are second to none.

Justin Koop: Owner and engineer for his studio B Town Sound, Justin’s extreme experience and knowledge of all the latest recording technology’s makes the final sound for the DHN. Without Justin, our records wouldn’t exist. I highly recommend booking time with him to make your song outstanding!